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About Us

Last updated Mar 01, 2019

Kultii is a social commerce platform where we aggregate product listing from all over the web to help savvy shoppers to easily and confidently discover and share their products experiences. Users can search for products and create posts, reviews and questions, all the while tagging related products in their content so other users can seamlessly discover the right product for them.

DiscoverSearch, compare the prices and discover beauty products from people who share similar experiences to you.
ShareWith the use of product tag, share your experiences and beauty tips to your friends in the community via posts or reviews.
PersonaliseCustomise your discovery experience by engage in and follow your favourite topics, users or favourite products.

How can I contact you?

We’re a small team of young, passionate and very friendly individuals from all around the world. Drop us a message at hello@kultii.com, we’re always happy to hear your suggestions or simply a chat.

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